Dr. B's PDA

Introducing Dr. B's Own Home-Grown PDA Software for Medicine

I have decided to take up a little Palm Pilot Programming, so that I can make applications for use in the clinic that look and act the way I want them too.  Using the programming tool NSBasic, I have started to generate some programs with more to follow in the weeks to months ahead.  Please remember that these are just tools, and there are no warranties on them!

My first program Preg Dates 1.2 (New Version)

If you downloaded the version here previously, please replace it with this one, as there are a couple of glitches that have been fixed.....

The program calculates the EDC, EGA, and a variety of significant milestones that I often find myself referring to in clinic.  It is freeware, although I have an open offer to modify it to anyone's standards for a fee of $5.  (Come on, think of it as a co-payment to deter folks from abusing my offer!......Managed Care made me do it!)  Included with the program are NSRuntime.prc and MathLib.prc which are both needed on the palm device for the program to run.

Peds Doser Lite 1.1 (New Version)

If you downloaded the version here previously, please replace it with this one, as there are a couple of glitches that have been fixed.....


This program calculates the dose of medication required for a child in mL and tsp.  It is the precursor to the full version Peds Doser

In the Works....Peds Doser.....


Other Useful Utilities I've Found


Dave's Favorite Downloads for the Palm OS PDA

The programs below run the gambit of applications, but the bulk are medical in nature.  Most are freeware, some are shareware, some require a specific program to run them like a reader.  I will try and annotate this, but if you find some errors, please let me know.  Also, many of the programs below need an unzipping program of some sort.


Shots----and outstanding GUI of the 2000 Immunization schedule by Kent Willyard, M.D. (Needs NSBRuntime to function.......download with Preg Dates above)

MedRules----written by Kent Willyard, M.D.,  an FP resident....pretty cool program for those prediction calculations like Ranson's criteria, etc.

Milestones----quick reference for checking developmental milestones....need a document reader to use.

Immunization schedule----as the name indicates, though a bit outdated....looking for a new version, or may write it myself in the next 2 weeks.

Procedure Log----Primarily designed for the resident, but a nice format for using as a basic log for any physician....I will modify to a staff physician version this week.  Requires the HanDBase database program (see below).....by far the best available and worth the cost of registering to use longer than a month.

OB-tracker----a great database program for following OB patients throughout their pregnancy.  I am presently refining a version for use in the Army system and will post here shortly.  Requires the HanDBase database program.

Handtrack----a database program for managing ward patients.  Requires the HanDBase database program.

Growth Charts----your nurses won't plot them, why should you, when you can enter them here.

Stat Cardiac Risk----calculates the probability a patient with a specified set of risk factors will suffer an MI in the next 10 years....helps to put the "Fear of God" in folks.

Eponyms----a collection of all those signs, syndromes, and test named after folks you can't remember.  Requires a document reader.

Medmath and Medcalc----two essentially identical programs with numerous calculations that you can never remember when you need them.


HanDBase----the best database program, bar none, available today.


SCSPrint----this program works by interfacing with the programs on the palm and beaming the info to your printer....your printer will need an IR port (a funny looking black square on the front panel somewhere...many HP laser printers have them)

SPECIAL PROGRAMS FOR THE TRGPro (until the others catch up)

FoneHome 1.0----this program will allow you to dial a touch tone phone with your TRGPro....it really works!

AutoCF----modification that upgrades to Palm 3.5.1 OS and allows you to use the CF memory the way it was intended and not just as a back-up.


Currency----a program that allows rapid currency conversion of up to 5 different currencies at once.....a must for traveling through multiple countries in a short period of time like Hungary, Croatia, and Bosnia in a day.  Also can be updated daily.


Doc2prc----this program allows conversion of any text (.txt) file to a version viewable on a Palm device.

Aportis Reader---- document reader

Tealreader----document reader

GAMES & BOOKS....and other things to kill time on a deployment

Gobble!----a Pacman knock off

Drinks 1.1----how to be a cool bartender and impress your friends

Puddinhead Wilson----the Mark Twain classic novel.  Requires document reader.

The Red Badge of Courage----the classic Civil War novel.  Requires document reader.

Beowulf----not any easier to read in the Palm format.  Requires document reader.


Last Update:  27 August 2000